Helping healthcare providers with growth & efficiency

The challenges of running a healthcare business continue to increase. In addition to day-to-day management responsibilities, complex operational tasks periodically arise. We can give you access to specialists who will ensure your business runs efficiently and reaches its full growth potential.

Providing clinically astute advisory for new entrants

Healthcare presents both opportunities and obstacles. Core Connect gives you access to a network of advisors who understand the reality of running a healthcare business and who have the experience to help you assess new commercial opportunities. We have intricate knowledge of the Australian healthcare sector.

Supporting the health sector to make sustainable health asset and technology decisions

Technology and infrastructure is an essential element of healthcare delivery. Core Connect Group has expertise in facilitating health asset decisions that consider the clinical, operational, financial and environmental impacts of investments.

Core Connect Group brings together experienced healthcare management specialists to help clients solve the tough operational challenges within the Australian healthcare sector.

The “Core Specialists” within our Group possess valuable industry expertise gained during senior roles across a range of healthcare organisations. We are passionate about healthcare and we know the rewards that come with running a healthcare business effectively. Core Connect gives you, the client, efficient access to core management competencies so that you can focus on utilising your own unique skills to their full potential.

Core Connect is unlike a consulting firm in that we work with clients to help them develop their own business strategy. We are on hand to execute on the appropriate tactical steps along the way. Healthcare is full of the noblest distractions – delivering patient outcomes. Core Connect enables you to achieve this whilst maintaining control of your business…and your life.

What we bring

Market Knowledge

All of our Core Specialists have real life operational management & clinical experience within the Australian Healthcare market. We appreciate the complexity, we know the opportunity and we are all motivated by the outcomes that can be achieved.

Client Context

We acknowledge that every business is unique. Each client engagement will have a dedicated  “Core Advisor/s” accountable for delivering the agreed outcomes. These outcomes will be based on what is right for you and for your business.

Expert Facilitation

At Core Connect we combine market knowledge, our industry network and a deep understanding of you, the client, to deliver your desired outcomes. We invest time in nurturing relationships with people who share Core Connect’s passion for value creation.

Strict Confidentiality

The industry is small, competition is tough and your Intellectual Property is a valuable asset. We have developed & tested processes to ensure that privileged client information remains confidential. In fact, we believe we can help protect your business.  Ask us how.


Strategy & Facilitation

  • Business unit reviews – external or embedded
  • Strategic planning – facilitation and participation
  • Change management – planning and delivery
  • Interim executive solutions – leadership and operations
  • Digital health initiatives – strategy and execution
  • Business transitions – start-up to exit

Health Asset Optimisation

  • Major Medical Equipment/health asset procurement
  • Major Medical Equipment commissioning
  • IT service & infrastructure advisory
  • Supply & service negotiations
  • Asset management & asset optimisation
  • Strategic procurement and negotiation
  • Healthcare commercial property – site evaluation, concept development, precinct planning